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Addendum 1 - A & E Services for Feasibility Consultation Roster


May 18, 2021

The Housing Authority of the City of Tacoma (THA) invites interested parties to submit proposals for Architectural and Engineering (“A&E”) Services to provide preliminary feasibility consultation. THA intends to select firms based upon qualifications for placement on a roster of A&E firms for this purpose. Firms on the roster will be on-call for specific projects as they arise. THA will select firms from the roster based upon qualifications. THA will negotiate a contract for a specific project with a firm selected from the roster. THA will issue a specific RFQ for the complete design work should the project warrant

To be selected for the roster, successful Offerors must demonstrate the ability and experience to prepare a design project statement, develop room layouts, area diagrams, preliminary floor plans, prepare presentation drawings, prepare written “Specifications” and a “Material List” for establishing cost of construction, and prepare working plans including floor plans, elevations, foundation plan, electrical, plumbing and heating plans, interior details, wall sections, schedules and a plot plan.

Responding firms may include but need not be limited to: architects, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, geo tech firms and estimating services. All consultants and sub-consultants must be licensed to work in their respective fields as required by the State of Washington. The team shall consist of a prime contractor (consultant) and may include subcontractors in the professions listed above as necessary to complete the scope of work. Firms interested in providing services to THA must complete and submit a proposal that substantiates or presents evidence of that firm's abilities and expertise in the areas defined in the selection criteria.

This RFQ is subject to the budget and fiscal provisions that the Tacoma Housing Authority operates under and award of a contract will be subject to funding availability. Offerors submitting proposals to the RFQ must not be debarred, suspended or otherwise prohibited from professional practice by any Federal, State or Local Agency.

The RFQ, with all provisions and submission requirements may be obtained on the THA website at www.tacomahousing.net under “Work With Us”, “Current Bids and Proposals”, “Real Estate Development”. Should you have questions or need assistance obtaining the RFQ, please contact Stacey Lopez at slopez@tacomahousing.org.

PROPOSALS in response to this RFQ (One (1) electronic copy) are due no later than 4:00PM (local time) on, June 10, 2021 and should be addressed as follows:

TO: Vickie Stark – vstark@tacomahousing.org
SUBJECT: Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Services Consultant Roster for THA

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed in writing prior to June 1, 2021 4:00 PM (Local Time) to Vickie Stark at vstark@tacomahousing.org.

THA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate and does not do business with others who discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, familial status, disability, marital status, ancestry, sexual orientation or gender identity in the employment or provision of services. THA is a Public Housing Agency and does not operate under the guidelines stipulated for Indian Housing Authorities. The Tacoma Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.