Porting Questions

Porting Questions


Porting Out Questions

Where can I port my voucher?

You can take your voucher to any other housing authority in the country that administers a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.


How do I find which housing authorities have an HCV program?



How do I know if a receiving housing authority is absorbing vouchers?

Many housing authorities list whether they are billing or absorbing on their website. If this information is not listed, you can contact them by phone to ask this question. Please use the link above to find this information.


How long does it take to port my voucher to the housing authority of choice?

Please allow THA 10 business days to process your port request.  Once you are approved to port, we will send your packet to the receiving housing authority.  From there, you need to contact the receiving housing authority regarding their intake process and for questions related to your voucher issuance.  Keep in mind that processing time can vary between housing authorities.


Will my subsidy be the same?

Payment standards and occupancy standards vary between housing authorities.


What should I do if THA denies my request to port?

If THA denies your request to port, you have the right to request an informal review. This means that a second person at THA will review your request to ensure the correct decision has been made. Information on requesting an informal review can be found on your denial letter.



Port into our Jurisdiction

You must contact your initial housing authority and tell them that you would like to port to THA.  Your housing authority will determine if you are eligible to port and then forward the required documents to THA. 

Once THA receives the required documents a housing specialist will reach out to you within 10 business days and will send out a packet to be completed and returned to THA with any requested documents.


Port-in Questions

Is THA absorbing or billing incoming Portability Vouchers?

We are currently billing incoming ports. This is subject to change at any time.


How can my housing authority send my port packet to Tacoma?

Please ask your initial housing authority to send your port packet to:

Email: ports@tacomahousing.org (PREFERRED METHOD OF RECEIPT)

Fax: 253-207-4454 


Tacoma Housing Authority

Attn: Portability

902 S L St

Tacoma WA 98405


Does THA provide deposit assistance?

No. THA only assists with rent.


Can I move into the unit before the paperwork has been processed?

Yes, but THA strongly advises against this in case the chosen unit doesn’t pass inspection or meet rent reasonable. If either of these things occur, THA will not be able to pay assistance on your behalf for that unit.


Will my subsidy be the same? (How much will THA pay towards my rent?)

Payment standards and occupancy standards vary between Housing Authorities. THA will not be able to tell you its portion towards rent until your voucher is issued.


Will my tenant rent portion change?

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is an income-based program. This means the amount of your housing assistance depends on your income.

Once your income is verified, you will receive a Subsidy Estimation, or “shopping guide,” that will assist you in selecting an affordable unit. 


How many bedrooms do I qualify for?

Our current occupancy standard is two people per bedroom, regardless of age, gender or relationship.

If you are a person with a disability who may need a special accommodation in order to fully participate in THA’s program you may request a reasonable accommodation. Add link to RA form.


When will I know how much I will pay?

After the selected unit passes inspection and the tenant is in possession of the unit a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract will be drafted. You will receive a Rent Change Letter stating your portion of the rent and THA’s subsidy amount.


Can my voucher be extended?

You will need to contact your initial housing authority to request any extensions.


How long does it take for portability paperwork to be processed?

Please allow approximately 10 business days for your paperwork to be processed.


Can I rent above my voucher size?

Yes. THA does not have a cap on the bedroom size.