Press Release: 145 Affordable Assisted Living Apartments for Senior & Disabled Tacoma Residents

145 Affordable Apartments Offering Assisted Living Services for Senior & Disabled Tacoma Residents

Tacoma Housing Authority and Cascade Park Communities are pleased to announce their partnership to ensure that 145 units of affordable assisted living services continue to be available for those in need.

TACOMA, WA – Dec. 11, 19Tacoma Housing Authority and Cascade Park Communities have partnered to ensure that Tacoma residents needing affordable assisted living services will continue to have it. The 145 units in this partnership will help meet a dire need for Medicaid-qualified assisted living services in Tacoma.

As a safety-net provider, Cascade Park Communities accepts both private pay and Medicaid. They own and manage the two properties, Cascade Park Vista and Cascade Park Gardens. Tacoma Housing Authority will provide the rental subsidies to ensure that these valuable services will remain available to low-income persons.

This partnership has three main features:

  1. Tacoma Housing Authority will subsidize two properties:

Cascade Park Vista

  • North Tacoma
  • Total of 75 subsidized units
  • 70 reserved for households at or below 30% average median income (ex: less than $16,850 one person household) and 5 units for households at or below 40% Area median income (AMI)

Cascade Park Gardens

  • South Tacoma
  • Total of 70 subsidized units
  • 31 units reserved for households at 30% AMI, 23 units for 40% AMI, 16 units for 50% AMI
  • Reserved for households in need of dementia care and/or behavioral health services who qualify for Medicaid
  1. Tacoma Housing Authority clients who need the services will have priority to live at Cascade Park Vista and Gardens.
  1. Cascade Park Communities will offer their award-winning adult day services, Active Day, to Tacoma Housing Authority clients. These engaging activities and social programs help meet the functional and cognitive needs for senior and disabled clients and assist them in maintaining their independence.

Active Day

  • Services Offered 5 days a week (M-F)
  • Shuttle Transportation (Door to Door) Provided
  • Nursing Services, Physical Therapy, Restorative, Nutrition, and Engaging Activities
  • Programming for Memory Care, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Traditional
  • Medicaid, VA, and Private Pay

 “We’re really excited about the partnership with Tacoma Housing Authority. This partnership will be modeled after some of the best practices used in other parts of the country to ensure that quality assisted living services remain viable and accessible to the people (on Medicaid) that need them most.”

-Chad Solvie, Executive Director of Cascade Park Communities

“The Tacoma Housing Authority’s main job is to provide or finance affordable housing for Tacoma residents who need help to afford a home. Assisted living facilities that accept Medicaid are near impossible to find in Tacoma and Pierce County. Partnering with Cascade Park Communities is a very good use of a scarce housing dollar because it makes much-needed services available to a population that often cannot afford them.”

-Michael Mirra, Executive Director of Tacoma Housing Authority

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Media Contacts:

Brandon Wirth

Tacoma Housing Authority
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Chad Solvie
Cascade Park Communities
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About Cascade Park Communities

For more than 25 years, Cascade Park Communities (CPC) has been one of Tacoma’s largest and most comprehensive affordable assisted living providers. Helping seniors and disabled citizens in need by offering assisted living, memory care, and adult day services has been a hallmark of the organization since its inception. Through the work of a generous organizational mission, committed staff members, and strategic partnerships, CPC has been able to positively impact the continuum of care in the South Sound for thousands that have benefitted from their portfolio of services.




Wednesday, December 11, 2019