HOP Program

Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) 

THA's Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) is a rent reform program for all new admissions to THA's tenant-based program. The program is fixed-subsidy and time-limited. All new admissions to the HOP program receive a fixed subsidy. That includes senior/disabled households. Work-able households have a five-year time limit on their assistance. Senior/disabled households do not have the time limit applied. These households have annual re-examinations so THA can monitor the earned income and compare it to its other programs. There are no interim re-examinations. THA does not allow port outs for the HOP program except in cases of domestic violence covered by VAWA and Reasonable Accommodations.

The goal is to help our participants achieve true self-sufficiency by assisting them with their housing needs for a specific term. This incentivizes our participants to focus on securing better employment and prepares them for a better future. Families receive notices at every annual recertification indicating the number of years remaining on their term-limited subsidy along with continuous referral services to a variety of available resources. 

The time limit is five years (for work-able households only). The fixed subsidy is set at 50% of established payment standards (see below). 

THA offers a limited extension of rental assistance for time-limited households who meet specific criteria. Households approaching the end of their five-year time limit may be eligible for a limited extension due to an unforeseen loss of income or the completion of a self-sufficiency activity. The interim hardship policy and eligibility requirements are detailed in THA's 2018 Moving to Work PlanThe Hardship Request Form is located HERE


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