Fast Facts

Fast Facts

THA is an independent municipal corporation formed under Washington State law. A five-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor of the City of Tacoma governs THA. THA has no taxing authority and receives no regular operating funds from the City of Tacoma or the State of Washington. Most of its funds comes from rents that it charges to its tenants, fees that it earns in administering its various programs, subsidies from the federal government for its federal programs, developer fees that it earns when it builds or rebuilds, and grants from public and private sources.

THA or related tax-credit partnership owns more than 1,500 dwelling units of various designs and types scattered throughout the City of Tacoma.

Housing Community Number of Units
Salishan 630
Hillside Terrace (Tax Credit Projects - family housing) 62 
Bay Terrace 148
Bergerson Terrace (Public Housing - Family) 72
Dixon Village (Public Housing - Family) 31
Seven Senior/Disabled Apartment Buildings 349

THA also manages a Housing Choice Voucher Program that provides rental assistance to more than 3,700 households.

All together, THA serves more than 11,000 persons  or about 6 percent of the City's residents. The great majority of the people receiving assistance from THA are elderly, disabled or children.