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A Collection of Notable Publications


An Overview of Tacoma Housing Authority

Tacoma Housing Authority's 2021 Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Report

"What We Do" Infographic Sheet


Community & the Arts

Arts Programming Literature Review


Emergency Planning

Hurricane Katrina Relief Plan


Housing Opportunity Program (HOP)

Analysis & Possible Program Changes

Review After 6 Years



THA Homeownership Outcome Report

Homeownership Program Review


Need for Housing

Impacts of Affordable Housing in Pierce County

Out of Reach 2017 Report - Washington

Tacoma's Rent Burden-Housing Needs By Income


Plans and Policies

The Tacoma Housing Authority operates its properties and programs in compliance with HUD policies and guidebooks, its Moving to Work Plan, and the Housing Authority's own policy documents.

Board of Comissioners

Lease and Property Management

Housing Urban Development

HUD Regulations: 24 CFR Parts 900 through 990

HUD Moving to Work Documents

Moving to Work

The Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP)

Administrative Plan


Real Estate Development

Developments Since the Start of New Salishan Development

Hilltop Developments



A Study of Salishan's Purchase Market 2004-2015

Hope VI Close Out Evaluation 2010

New Salishan

Quadrant Homes: Assessment of Diversity at Salishan and New Home Communities in Washington
Fair Housing Center of Washington, 2007

Salishan Community Health Assessment
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, 2009

Salishan Tax Revenues


Tenant Protections

2018 Tenant Protections of Good Cause and Extended Notice Requirements


THA's Education Project

McCarver Evaluation Report


Evaluation Design and Initial Findings

Evaluation Design and Year One Findings


Evaluation Design and Year Two Findings


Evaluation Design and Year Three Findings

Learn more about our Education Project


Ties Between Housing and Educational Outcomes

Review of Literature on the Effect of Mobility on School Achievement
Tacoma Housing Authority, 2009

The Impacts of Affordable Housing on Education: a Research Summary
Center for Housing Policy and National Housing Conference, 2011

Overview of Published Studies on the Characteristics and Needs of Homeless Families
National Center on Family Homelessness, 2007

Housing is an Essential Foundation for Children to Succeed in School
Building Changes, 2013

Housing and Early Education: Strategies for Bridging the Gap and Reducing Student Mobility
Strategies for Children, 2013

Housing is a Platform to meet ambitious Health and Education Goals in Washington State
Building Changes, 2013

THA’s McCarver Special Housing Program: Financial Benefit to Tacoma Public Schools
Tacoma Housing Authority, 2013

Beds Not Busses: Housing vs. Transportation for Homeless Students
National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty in Collaboration With Columbia Legal Services, 2011

How Housing Affects Education Outcomes for Low-Income Students

Building a Culture of Education Success Through Housing
NeighborWorks America, 2014

Homelessness and Housing Instability: The Impact on Education Outcomes
Urban Institute, 2014

THA's effort To Enroll Its Students In Washington State's College Bound Scholarship Program
Tacoma Housing Authority, 2014

Barriers to Success: Housing Insecurity for U.S. College Students
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2015