Coronavirus Info for Staff

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Coming into Work?

  • Before coming into work, fill out our Health Check Form
  • Check-in with your supervisor prior to coming into a THA office/site
  • Inform the COVID Site Supervisor when you have arrived at the office/site
    • Contact information for each COVID Site Supervisor will be posted at the Sanitation Station at each office/site



Safety Plans



Frequent Questions

Can supervisors require staff to leave work and go home?

Yes. To best care for everyone, managers may ask their staff to go home if they show signs of sickness. If an hourly staff member is sent home, they must use leave if they plan to be paid for unworked hours.


What Will We Do if Someone at THA is diagnosed with COVID-19?

We will seek the guidance from the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) about building quarantine and notification. We will arrange with our emergency mitigation vendor to professionally sanitize the common areas of the building. Those include community rooms, hallways, offices, elevators.  Tenants will be responsible for sanitizing their personal space and belongings unless the health department advises us otherwise.  

If a staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19 or believes they were exposed, we will ask them to seek medical care and stay home until a doctor releases them to work.  The impacted building will be closed for 72 hours and professionally sanitized. Supervisors will require that staff who are sick with any illness stay home during this pandemic period. 

Staff who worked with an individual or in a building impacted by COVID-19 will be encouraged to follow the TPCHD’s Close Contact guidelines for self-assessment and medical care.  Our communication will follow HIPPA guidelines and protect the privacy of impacted individuals. 

Staff cannot go into an impacted building until after sanitization is complete. The one exception is for emergency work orders.  In those instances, maintenance staff can enter the building and units clothed with personal protective equipment and enforcing social distancing. E.g. A 6-foot distance and others are not allowed in the same room where THA staff are working. 

Security presence will continue at residential buildings in some fashion. The security may be limited to exterior patrol and tenant calls.  

The Health Department also offers current information on symptoms, safety, and an extensive FAQ list on their Coronavirus page. Please use your best judgment and contact your healthcare provider if you have questions. Multicare is offering free e-visits for people who show symptoms of coronavirus.