Resident Councils

Resident Councils

The more you are informed and involved in the planning process, the better we can server your needs. That is why we seek to have a resident council at each of our developments. Resident councils find out what issues are most important to residents. They survey residents about site-specific issues related to upcoming plans. Our resident councils have regularly scheduled meetings and have elected officers to improve their living environment, by virtue of resident self-help activities and to move the business matters of the development. Part of the responsibilities of the Resident Council include organization of action and mobilization to carry out resident involvement for the betterment of their community such as area beautification, establishment and maintenance of community reading rooms, computer labs, resident neighborhood watch and safety programs and resident social gatherings. Through meetings with the Housing Authority's housing operations staff, residents have been able to voice concerns, ideas and solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a Resident Council member, please contact the Resident Council members that represent your development or program.



Tenant Residents Action Coalition (TRAC) Resident Council Directors 

May 2020

Billy Brown, President
6th Avenue

Karmen Sue Harker, Vice President
EB Wilson

Steve Wells, Treasurer
Wright Avenue

Theresa Dunbar, Building Rep
North K Street

Terri Csonka, Building Rep
North G Street

LaFrancis Singleton, Building Rep 
Fawcett Avenue

Vanessa Beleau, Building Rep 

Kevin Beleau, Building Rep 

Mario Crumble, Building Rep 
Wright Avenue

Michael Frazier, Building Rep
Wright Avenue


The role of a resident council is to improve the quality of life and resident satisfaction and participate in self-help initiatives to enable residents to create a positive living environment for families living in public housing. Resident Councils may actively participate through a working partnership with the Housing Authority to advise and assist in all aspects of public housing operations. (24 CFR § 964.100)

The Resident Council membership consists of a democratically elected governing board elected by the voting membership. At a minimum, the governing board should consist of five elected board members. The voting membership must consist of heads of households and other residents at least 18 years of age or older and whose name appears on a lease for the unit in the public housing or Housing Choice Voucher Program that the resident council represents. (24 CFR § 964.115(c)).