Rental Assistance Questions

Rental Assistance Questions

Current and Prospective Rental Assistance Participants

Click here for frequently asked questions about our HOP program.

1. What is the process for moving?

Give your landlord the legally required written notice that you are planning to move out. THA has an “Intent to Move” form that you can use for this purpose. Once you have given written notice contact your THA for a relocation appointment. 

2. Where can I move?  Do I have to live in Tacoma?

THA’s boundaries include all of the City of Tacoma and a 2.5 mile radius outside the City limits. Section 8 and HOP clients are required to lease a unit within this boundary, unless a reasonable accommodation has been granted, a port-out has been approved, or another housing authority is absorbing the client.

View our Boundary Map

3. Why can’t I move outside of Tacoma?

You can move within the 2.5 mile radius outside the City of Tacoma limits. If you want to move beyond that, you would need to meet at least one of our Port criteria:

  • An adult household member has gotten a job that is at least 20 hours per week and is located at least 35 miles outside the City of Tacoma limits.
  • The head of household or spouse is enrolled at least part time at a college/university that is at least 35 miles outside the City of Tacoma limits.
  • A household member has an approved Reasonable Accommodation due to a disability.
  • A household member is a victim of domestic violence and has a situation that is approved through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
  • The household ported in from another housing authority and THA has not absorbed the voucher.
  • The housing authority in the area where the household wants to port to will absorb the voucher.

Meeting one of these criteria does not guarantee you the ability to move outside the city of Tacoma. THA will address these requests on a case-by-case basis. Additional restrictions also apply to porting, contact your Leasing and Occupancy Specialist for further direction. Learn more about Porting

4. How many bedrooms do I qualify for?

THA’s occupancy standards are one bedroom for every two people in the household, unless program policy states otherwise.

5. How do I report a change in income?

You must complete an online Change of Circumstances form and submit verification of the change to THA within 10 business days after completing the form. 

6. How do I add or remove someone from my household?

You can request to add or remove someone by completing the online Change of Circumstances form. Except for birth, adoption or court-awarded custody of a child; you must get THA and landlord approval to add someone to your household.

7. Can I rent to or from a relative?

THA will review any requests for living arrangements made with friends or family on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your Leasing and Occupancy Specialist.  

8. What do I do if my landlord isn’t making repairs?

All repair requests should be made in writing to your landlord or property manager with a copy sent to THA. Please feel free to contact THA or to Washington State Landlord-Tenant law for more information.

9. How do I apply for Housing?

For information Click Here

10. When will the wait list open?

To be notified when the waitlist opens, click HERE.

11. How long will it take to get housing with THA?

That will depend on the program you are on and how quickly current participants leave the program. Our Housing Opportunity Program wait list opens every 2 years and those selected in the lottery may wait up to 2 years to receive assistance.

12. Where can I go if I need immediate housing?

THA does not have emergency housing; click here for a list of our partners.

13. What do I do if I move while I am on the waitlist?

Submit a wait list update form with our THA administrative office.

14. What happens when my name comes to the top of the wait list?

THA will contact you to complete the process. This will involve eligibility verification to ensure you still qualify for assistance. It is very important that you notify THA about any changes to your contact information. If we are unable to reach you, your name will be removed from the list.

S8 participants wanting to port into THA

15. What is the process for porting to or from THA?

Learn more about porting on this page




What is the process for renting to a section 8 participant? 

  • Screen applicant 
  • Complete and submit to THA the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA), you should receive this form from your potential tenant. 
  • After THA receives the completed RFTA an inspector will contact you. If the unit is ready, THA makes every effort to schedule the inspection within 5 business days. 
  • After the unit passes inspection, sign the lease with the tenant; the effective date of the lease is not sooner than the date the unit passes inspection. 


When will I receive payment?   

  • Per the HAP contact, it may take 60 days, to receive your first payment. However, payments are usually made sooner and will include all money owed, from the pass inspection or move in date, whichever is later. 
  • You will be paid in the next check run after the HAP contract has been received and then on the first working day of the month thereafter. Any prorate or partial payments may be received mid-month. Paperwork for the check runs are processed approximately 5 days before payments. Pay dates are on or the first business day after the 1st, 10th, and 20th.  
  • If a new lease begins in the middle of the month, we will prorate the rent based on a 30-day month.  
  • You may receive the prorated amount with your first full month’s rent.  
  • Once we get a signed HAP contract, we will release the payment in our next check run. 


I filled out all the paperwork. Why am I still receiving checks? When will I receive direct deposits? 

  • We prefer that all landlords get paid via direct deposit. Follow the instructions on the form, including a voided check.  
    • Due to fraud, and to protect both the agent/owner and THA, THA will reach out to verify banking information which may cause a slight delay. 

I did not receive my HAP payment, what should I do?  

  • Please verify that you emailed the completed new owner/agent documents to     
  • If you have emailed the completed documents and have not heard back within 5 business days, please 
  • Contact the Housing Specialist that was listed on the RFTA.   


I have not received my monthly statement, what should I do?  

  • We send statement via email, please check your spam folder, and add to your contact list.  Statements can be sent to 2 different email addresses. 
  • Please note, you will receive an email of the monthly statement if you receive a paper check.       


What are the most important items?   

  • Social Security Number /TIN for owner of the property (W-9). That could be an LLC or an individual. We will verify the SSN/TIN with the IRS to ensure we are accurately reporting 1099s at year end.   



  • We use to produce our annual 1099 statements.  
  • For any 1099 that has not been electronically accessed, we will send it out in the mail.   


Why does Tacoma Housing Authority request the deed, loan documents, etc.?  

  • Per HUD requirements, we must verify ownership of the property, and all payment information must be reported on the owners 1099 to the IRS. If you have a Management Company, we can pay the management Co., once we have a copy of the management agreement. 
  • To prevent delay, please provide the SSN/TIN matching the ownership records.   


Can I sell my unit if there is a Tacoma Housing Authority participant in place?  

  • Yes.  However, prior to the sale, you must disclose the presence of the Tacoma Housing Authority participant to the new owner. 

The new owner must honor the current lease agreement. After the lease agreement has expired, the new owner may ask the tenant to vacate the property. Proper notice procedures to the tenant must be observed.     

  • The new owner is welcome to continue renting to the tenant.
  • You must contact, for information on transferring your property to a new owner. 
  • If you receive HAP funds after the sale of the property, you will be responsible for returning the HAP payment to Tacoma Housing Authority. 
  • To accurately report 1099’s the funds should be returned to Tacoma Housing Authority, so we can pay the new owner. 


May I increase the rent I charge my Tacoma Housing Authority tenant?  

  • Yes, after the initial lease term has ended you may change the rent and the terms of the lease. To do so, you must submit written notification to Tacoma Housing Authority at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of the increase.  
  • The request must be completed using our Landlord Rent Change Request form  
    • Example: If you wish to increase the tenant's rent on January 1, your written notice must be received by us no later than November 1. 
  • If your rent increase is denied, the Housing Authority will provide you with written notice and advise you of the maximum increase that can be approved for your unit.   
  • You will then have the option of accepting the lower amount or issuing a notice to terminate tenancy to the tenants in accordance with state and local tenancy laws.  
  • The tenant also has the option of removing themselves from the program and paying 100% of the rent if they prefer to remain in the unit.  


What if my tenant causes damages or is not following their lease or other program obligations?  

  • The termination process can be started if a client causes damages that exceed the amount of their deposit or if the client is breaking their program obligations.  Any notices to the tenant should be shared with THA. Contact THA to report any fraud. 

Does THA perform move-out inspections? 

  • No, THA does not perform move-out inspections for non-THA owned units.