Arlington Drive Youth Campus

Arlington Drive Youth Campus

The Crisis

There are at least 90 homeless unaccompanied youth with families and young adults on any given night in Pierce County.  In 2016, at least 1,070 youth and young adults in Pierce County were homeless. 

Many of these young people are fleeing abuse at home and judge that the streets are safer.  On their own, they face high risks of further abuse, violence, sex trafficking, addiction, and greatly diminished prospects for an education, a livelihood, a family and a reasonable life.


The Goal

THA’s goal is to provide homeless youth and young adults with a second chance at a reasonable adolescence, a second chance at a reasonable adulthood and a second chance at a life without exploitation, impoverishment and fear.  Perhaps most importantly, this campus will offer them what they do not get or feel from too many other places – a warm and safe welcome.



THA owns 3.5 acres called Arlington Drive near its community of New Salishan. With partners, THA will develop a Youth Campus on that property with the following features: 

  • 12 bed Crisis Residential Center (CRC) for homeless youth without families, age 12 to 17 years.  Community Youth Services (CYS) will manage this Center.  It has been doing this work for over 40 years in Thurston County.  For the last two years, it has been managing a 6 bed CRC in a THA single family home in Tacoma.  CYS is one of the nation’s leading practitioners in this work.  It uses evidenced-based and best practices that show a 95% rate of successfully discharging these youth, after an average 15 day stay, to safe and stable housing.   Sometimes CYS returns the youth to family.  Sometimes CYS fashions a new family with relatives or other caring adults.  Sometimes the youth go to foster care, or to independent living.  At this rate of success, the Arlington Drive CRC will serve, and save, 500 youth a year;
  • 40 to 60 rental apartments for homeless young adults, age 18 to 24 years.  About 10% of them will be parents of very young children. THA is seeking a service provider for these young adults and families.
  • facilities for supportive services;
  • social enterprises for job training.


This campus will be in walking distance of the following complimentary facilities:

  • Tanbara Regional Primary Health Care Clinic
  • Lister Elementary School and First Creek Middle School
  • East Side Community Center (breaking ground this Fall)
  • Bates Technical College Salishan Campus (planned)
  •  Salishan Child Care Center (planned)



Arlington Drive Brochure 7/22/2019



Arlington Youth Campus Prepares to Break Ground


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