Arlington Drive Youth Campus

The Arlington Drive Youth Campus


A significant number of youth and young adults are homeless in Pierce County.  These young people face much higher risks of drug abuse, sex trafficking, violence, and greatly diminished prospects for a reasonable adolescence, an education, an occupation and a successful adulthood.

THA owns 3.5 acres near its community of New Salishan.  THA calls it Arlington Drive.  With partners, THA will develop a Youth Campus on that property with the following features:


●          12 bed Crisis Residential Center (CRC) for homeless youth without families, age 12 to 17 years (serving over 500 youth a year with a 95% rate of successful discharge to a safe and stable home back with family, relatives, new family or foster care);

             THA already provides a single family home to Community Youth Services (CYS) for a 6 bed CRC; it has been in operation since December 2016;


●          40 to 50 rental apartments for homeless young adults, age 18 to 24 years;

●          facilities for supportive services;

●          social enterprises for job training.


Community Youth Services (CYS) will manage the CRC.  CYS has been doing this work for 45 years in Thurston County.  It is a national leader in its successful, evidenced-based practices.  THA is currently seeking a service provider for the remaining buildings on the campus. 


This campus will be in walking distance of the following complementary facilities:

●          First Creek Middle School;

●          Tanbara Regional Primary Health Care Clinic;

●          East Side Community Center (breaking ground this Fall);

●          Bates Technical College Salishan Campus (planned).


This campus will provide these youth and young adults with a second chance at a reasonable adolescence, a reasonable adulthood, especially ones without exploitation, impoverishment and fear.