2019 Waitlist Common Questions

2019 Waitlist Common Questions


Am I Eligible to Apply?
A household must have three or more people to be eligible to apply for this waitlist.


Why is this waitlist only for households of three or more?

Our current waitlist has a lot of smaller households still waiting their turn. Our waitlist does have room for larger households though, which is why we are opening it to households with three or more people.

Do I have to live in Tacoma to apply?



How and when do I apply?

1. Online - Apply online at Tacomahousing.net/waitlist. This is the best and fastest way to apply.
2. Phone - Call (253) 448-2738, Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm
3. In Person - Visit either of these offices Monday-Friday between 9am - 5pm

Hilltop - 902 South L Street, Tacoma, WA
Salishan - 1724 East 44th Street, Tacoma, WA

Please remember that you must apply between 8am Monday, October 7th and 5pm, Friday, October 18, 2019. Whenever you apply within these times does not affect your chances.

Can I apply more than once during this application period?

No. When you apply, we ask that you write down each person in your home. Anyone on that list cannot apply to this waitlist again. If you do not get on our waitlist this time, you can try again the next time we open the list.


How do I know if you got my application?

If you apply online, you will get a confirmation number. You will also get an email with your filled out application.


When will I hear back?

We expect to get thousands of applications. A lottery will then select about 1,200 households for our waitlist. That is about the number we can serve in two years. We will put them on the waitlist in random order. Starting November 4, we will contact applicants and tell them if they were selected or not for the waitlist.


If I get on the waitlist, what happens next?

If our lottery puts you on our waitlist, you will get an assigned number. When your number comes to the top of the list, we will check to make sure you are eligible. One requirement is you must make below these amounts:

Number of People in Your Household









Not Eligible

Not Eligible







If you are eligible, you will be offered our first housing option. This may be:

1. A home at one of our properties. If so, you must accept the location we offer unless there is good reason not to.

2. An offer to help pay your rent in Tacoma. You choose where to live.


When will we accept applications again?

We will likely accept applications in about two years. We will wait until the waitlist gets shorter before adding more people to it. Visit tacomahousing.org/notifyme to get an email when the waitlist reopens.